Let's be more active and get fit in whatever our body shapes are. Because being fit isn't owned only for certain images, it is for everyone.

Whether you're in your 20's, 30's, or more than 40's, it's never too young or too late to live a healthy lifestyle.
Find tips, workout ideas, healthy sharing here.



FAB stands out for Food And Burpees haha No, I'm kidding! Though doing Burpees will always make you look Fab, here you can get recipes from Food that I cooked, snacks that I made or cakes that I baked.

I'm an amateur house chef/baker so don't expect to find any ah-ma-zing jaw dropping creations here :D


There are so many things that I love, like, not too sure about and all. In here, I'm sharing random things from daily lifestyle, places, restaurants, gyms, community, inspiring people, outfit of the day, make up, my family, or even funny memes.

Please bare with the quirky side of me :)